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The management of the image of a brand and/or institution requires a conclusive communication strategy. At Noise , we understand that the quality of the information transmitted to the media and audiences is a key asset, so we make sure to provide you with the right tools and guidance for an optimal corporate communication.

General Consultancy

  • Assessment of the needs in terms of communications of all types: corporate, advertising, PR, and media.
  • Evaluation, strategy development, and recommendations.
  • Market research and benchmarking.
  • Audit of perception and awareness.
  • Opinion and trend surveys.
  • Market and competition analysis.
  • Brand positioning analysis.
  • Identification of the objectives, messages, and targets.
  • Development of strategic recommendations based on the studies and analyses.

Strategic Planning

  • Analysis of existing communication.
  • Creation of communication strategies based on the environment and existing communication analyses.
  • Positioning development.
  • Creation of brand territory.
  • Communication budget audit.
  • Evaluation of innovation possibilities.
  • Study and analysis of the communication challenges.
  • Image audit.
  • Risk detection.
  • Evaluation of communication opportunities.

In the media world, it’s not only what you know but also, and most importantly, whom you know. Noise leverages its extensive network of contacts to guarantee you high profile coverage across all types of media (press, audio-visual, and digital). Our unique know-how in terms of Media Relations allows us to shape the ideal media strategy that leads you to the right destination.

Media Consultancy

  • Assessment of the needs in terms of media targets.
  • Assessment of the needs in terms of media presence, visibility, reach, and frequency.
  • Identification of the opinion leaders.
  • Recommendations of the action plan to set up in order to target the influent people and media.
  • Evaluation, media strategies development, and recommendations.

Media Actions

  • Continuous press relations: Monitoring of the editorial calendars; construction of subjects adapted to each type of media; personal meetings with the journalists; etc.
  • Copywriting services: Writing and editing of press releases in 3 languages (Arabic, English, and French).
  • Full press operations setup: Organization of « one-to-one » interviews; organization of press conferences; crowd mobilization; etc.

Personalized Monitoring

  • Preparation of action reports: Analysis of the press actions benefits; results measurement.
  • Media training of company executives: Guidance throughout the strategy communication; adapting a speech to each type of media; adapting speeches to each type of audience or situation; captivating an audience; preparing for public speeches and interviews.

Monitoring Reports

  • Daily press clippings are done through scanning and data transmission by daily emails to clients.
  • Upon the agency’s recommendations and specific criteria, our media monitoring establishes a quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of the media coverage results.

Press Office

Noise can mount specific press offices for its clients, and deliver the following services:

  • Assigning (a) spokesperson(s) for the company and developing relevant biographies.
  • Producing factsheets and brochures.
  • Content preparation and adaptation of press releases.
  • Drafting and distribution of key messages, as well as briefing notes (in 3 languages).
  • Establishing and identifying media lists of prime targets.
  • Setting up action plans, while deciding how and when to scale messages.
  • Initiating conference calls with the clients for consultation.
  • Management of media engagement.

Whether reaching out to internal audiences, the general public, a marketplace, or the media, Noise employs its deep knowledge of key contacts and environment challenges, offering its clients undeniable expertise, top-notch services, and effective solutions for their events requirements.

Events Managed

  • Conventions.
  • Seminars.
  • Product launches.
  • Exhibitions.
  • Roadshows.
  • Gala dinners.
  • Press conferences.
  • Sites inaugurations.
  • Etc.

Events Design

  • Theming.
  • Venue proposals.
  • Planning.
  • Catering consulting.
  • Image design.
  • Set design.
  • Lighting design.
  • Floral design.
  • Sound design.
  • Costume design.

Study and Analysis

  • Market and competition analysis.
  • Brand positioning analysis.
  • Definition of the objectives, messages, targets, etc.

Strategic Consultancy

  • Development of recommendations based on the conducted studies and analyses.

Concept Creation

  • Development of creative concepts in accordance with the target.
  • Adaptation of these creative concepts as per the set deadlines and budget.

Event Complete Setup

  • Checking the venue and contacting the suppliers.
  • Managing the overall logistics with meeting the deadlines and budget.
  • Providing operators and hotline services for information and attendance confirmation.
  • Setting up the decoration and furniture.
  • Providing master of ceremony as well as hosting, catering, and valet parking services.
  • Providing photography and videography services.

Event Progress Monitoring

  • Logistics : From its large database of event venues, Noise selects 2 to 3 venues in accordance with the primary selection criteria:
    - Availability.
    - Accommodation capacity.
    - Style consistency with the chosen theme.
    After several visits, the preselected venues undergo the client’s approval. The venue is to be booked no later than one month prior to the event.
  • Scenography: Upon the approval, our events team coordinates the enhancement and staging of the venue and the overall event: branding and decoration, catering, signage, animation, sound and lighting, etc.
  • Database: In addition to an efficient reporters’ database, our agency owns a VIP database including renowned key persons, decision makers, and opinion leaders, in the fields of politics, sports, arts, culture, media, and more. The sending of the invites is followed by reminders by phone and emails, as well as an update of the invitees’ attendance.
  • Reception: Noise conceives a two-stage reception: hostesses to welcome the attendees, and the agency’s consultants to correlate with the reporters and executives.
  • Interviews: Noise takes advantage of these events to arrange one-to-one meetings between the executives and the reporters.
  • Follow-up Press Book: Following the event, the invited reporters with excused absences or who did not answer the invitation will automatically receive the press kits issued at the end of the event. A systematic reminder allows to assess the satisfaction’s degree of the reporters and to complete the information.

The efficiency of a given communication depends not only on the strategy’s adequacy, but also on the quality of the transmission and thus reception of the elaborated messages. For an optimization of your communication, Noise develops the message according to each target, situation, and media format. From simple press releases and brochures, to complex interviews and speeches, we put at your service an impeccable knowledge and know-how in 3 languages: Arabic, English, and French.

Media Consultancy

  • Elevator pitch: A short (50-75 words) narrative that channels the most compelling element of a company’s story.
  • Stump speech: a one-page (250-350 words) that gives dimension to a company’s current defining story.
  • Message architecture: three to five message platforms supported by proof-points (the “reasons to believe” in a company’s story) organised as a quick reference guide.
  • Multi-channel content: the content and focus (including audio visual and images) that are reflected in the company’s annual report, corporate website, external and employee communications, and corporate advertising.
  • Playbook: guide to engaging dialogue around core questions (easiest and toughest) and for setting the agenda in every interaction.
  • Media storylines: A cadence of headlines that map the master narrative over time.

Editorial Services

  • Writing and editing of media kits.
  • Writing of press releases in 3 languages (Arabic, English, and French).
  • Writing and placement of events elements.
  • Validation of all agency documents.

Editorial Methodology

  • After a careful understanding of the client’s expectations as per the products and services, and a sharp analysis of the objectives, Noise editorial team proceeds with the writing process.
  • Specific consultants are in charge of the interviews in case the company executives or other persons should be given prominence.
  • A primary version is handed to the client. In case the content or spirit does not suit the client, a second editorial team, immediately responsive, would propose another approach.
  • Our collaborators work closely with the client’s management and the adjustments while paying particular attention to the manufacturing deadlines.
  • A proofreading service validates all agency documents.

Knowing whom to contact, on what subject, and at what time, is essential to be able to act among influential networks. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for any company to develop strategies and lead actions not only among the business leaders, but also public authorities, political decision makers, the associative world, NGOs, university students, etc. Noise puts at your service collective wisdom and deep knowledge of key contact persons as well as legislative, political, and media issues. We intervene in corporate relations, lobbying, and relays strategy

Strategic Consultancy

Strategic consultancy in public affairs and lobbying.


Legislative, political, regulatory, and media monitoring.

Influence mapping

Analysis of the existing network; identification of opinion leaders; recommendation of the action plans to set up in order to target the influential people and media.

Consultancy and strategic thinking

Audit of perception and awareness; opinion and trend surveys; market and competition analysis; identification of media risks and sensitive situations


Ally development and influencer engagement; digital and social advocacy; coalition building; opinion research; issues advertising; issues and crises management; communications training.

Network construction

Contact plan with the public actors and opinion leaders; construction of formal and informal coalitions; identification and mobilization of experts and opinion leaders; consultancy for sponsoring or patronage actions.

Lobbying actions

Legislative and regulatory lobbying.

Specific copywriting

Writing and editing of “White Papers” and “Position Papers”, etc.


This type of communication is highly sensitive and requires the implementation of an appropriate communication strategy for the various concerned audiences. Noise has developed tools and procedures that are indispensable for the prevention and management of all critical situations to which its clients may be exposed, ensuring them the reactivity and expertise of dedicated consultants throughout the entire crisis period.

Crises Handled

  • Media and political.
  • Social.
  • Financial.
  • Technological, industrial, and logistic.
  • Sanitary and environmental.
  • Legal and regulatory.

Crisis Management

  • Crisis prevention: Media monitoring; risk auditing; crisis handbook and simulations.
  • Crisis control: Crisis assessment and mitigation; strategic counsel and on-site crisis management support; reputation threat assessments.
  • Post-crisis: Results and image reconstruction strategy.


Corporate communications allow to deliver key messages, present facts, raise awareness, mobilize energy, and motivate action. Noise provides its clients with communication materials to reach and influence their targets, including customers, investors, employees, suppliers, and others. Our experienced team deploys its skills to provide you with powerful corporate materials that deliver the message you seek to convey and the attention you wish to grab.

Annual Reports
Our experienced writers and designers create your annual reports from scratch, making sure that they present a strong, accurate, and credible case for investment in your company.


Our writers and designers excel in creating brochures that get customers interested and move them towards a purchase decision.

Website Content

We offer content development services that ensure that your visitors get the necessary information and messages, and keep coming back.

Corporate Newsletters and Magazines

We assist with everything from story planning, research, interviewing and writing through to design, layout, printing and mailing.

Audiovisual Materials

Videos have never failed to communicate messages to key audiences. We assist you with all aspects of content preparation, from initially defining your objective through to script writing and oversight of final production.

Speeches and Presentations

Our talented writers and designers help you deliver the most powerful speeches and presentations.


The image and credibility of a company among the financial markets are of paramount importance in order to stimulate investors, thus allowing the company to grow and develop. Our role consists in developing and sustaining the financial image and credibility of your company among the financial community and the larger public. We walk side by side with your company in the analysis of the financial markets’ perception, as well as in the content definition and structure of its financial communications.

Our services include:

  • Financial communications for important financial operations.
  • Messages platforms.
  • Relations with online and offline media.
  • Relational marketing with shareholders and investors.
  • Crisis management.
  • Training of company executives.

Our services include:

  • Analysis of market segments, target definition, and media investments of the competition.
  • Choice of media (traditional and/or BTL) and budget allocation based on strategic decisions.
  • Budgeting and setup of timetables.
  • Proposals of media plans.
  • Price negotiation of media space.
  • Effective purchase and media booking.

The relation that a brand or institution builds with its audience has always been contingent with creating the idea, words, and images that suit the message it wishes to convey. Faithful to this process, Noise offers you effective creation services.

ATL Services

  • Creation of advertising concepts.
  • Implementation of global / 360 degrees advertising campaigns.

BTL Services

  • Creation of invitation cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, etc.
  • Creation of promotional items.
  • Creation of corporate gifts.
  • Creation of specific elements for events.

Identity Creation

Naming Consultancy

Branding Consultancy

Campaigns Management

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