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What is noise ?

By definition, "noise" is a sound that is loud or unexpected, a persistent disturbance. As the name implies it, Noise SARL is a young PR agency whose main promise is to create "noise" around its clients' brands and stories through events management, PR and Media Relations.

Our name says it all! At Noise, we get as loud as we can to pave the way for your brands and corporations, through impeccable events creation as well as PR and Media Relations actions. Our promise is to constantly break the ordinary pattern with noisy disruption, as we do not settle for a simple "get noticed"; our motto and promise is "Lots of noise in silence"...


Noise strives to be recognized as one of the most innovative, devoted, and productive PR agencies in Lebanon. We are determined to provide our clients with the business results they seek.


Evidence-based communications is a scientific approach to communications, driven by data at the beginning (development), the middle (monitoring), and the end (measurement). Through this approach, Noise fosters creativity and flexibility, as listening to data and insights opens up new possibilities that strategies alone cannot achieve.


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If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations

- Bill Gates

Noise Management

Georges NAJM | Founder and General Manager

Georges Najm is a senior Communications Consultant. Founder & General Manager of NOISE PR Firm, he is also the Co-founder and Managing Partner at Clémentine SAL Ad Agency; in addition of being a Member of the Board of Grey Matter Financial Advisory Firm; and a University Lecturer. Georges has led Noise to a steady growth since its inception in 2013. Capitalizing on more than 15 years of highly rich experience in the communications field, he has successfully managed a very considerable number of accounts covering advertising, events, and PR clients, spearheading large scale events, while providing consultancy and strategic communications thinking to a top tier group of entities from different industries and backgrounds. Thanks to a strong background in advocacy and public opinion forming, Najm has been advising numerous top-brass politicians and decision makers providing them with strategic consultancy and advisory over major public affairs issues. He benefits from an extensive knowledge and experience covering the main fields of the marcom industry such as advertising, branding, media planning, production, PR, events, lobbying, public affairs, copywriting, and political communications. Georges Najm has previously occupied key positions for 7 years at the École Supérieure des Affaires (ESA), a French School of Management run by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. As Head of Comms and PR, Georges led many regional business events for this very prestigious French institution, as well as pivotal communications projects and campaigns. He is also an instructor at USEK School of Business, where he delivers 3 marketing courses: Media Planning and Advertising Communications for BA students, as well as Brands Management and Communications for MBA students. Najm is also a post-MBA lecturer, and has conducted numerous lectures in key regional events and institutions including a Branding conference in Tehran (with more than 500 CEOs gathered) and the prestigious Dubai Business Internship Program (DBI). Georges holds an MBA, as well as a Specialized Masters in Marketing Communications from the École Supérieure des Affaires (ESA, Beirut) and ESCP Europe (Paris, France). His professional thesis in communications, followed by ESCP Prof. Benoît Heilbrunn, was dedicated to the study of the uses and advantages of fine arts integration to corporate communications. He is an avid enthusiast of geopolitics, history, military strategy, espionage, cinema, aviation, Cuban cigars, wines, and especially music through piano, harmony, and composition. He masters Arabic, French, and English perfectly, and possesses good command of Spanish.

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